Scheduled future exhibitions at the Pahiyas Art Gallery and in the art circle.


Baybayin - Ang Sinaunang Sulat Pilipino

August is National Language and History Month and Pahiyas Art Gallery is celebrating it with exhibitions of Baybayin Script Clay Art Exhibit and artworks from Jose Rizal National Art Fair Exhibit held in Fort Santiago, Manila).  

Opening on August 7, 2022



A Fund Raising Project

As a way of helping us carry on our mission to promote arts and culture, we are launching a fund raising program called BUYbayin where the ancient Filipino script called Baybayin is transformed to different works of art. By buying an artwork, you are not just helping the gallery but also promoting Filipino heritage as well. Part of the proceeds will go to the gallery.

8in x 8in – Php 500

12in x 12in – Php 800

Please visit the Pahiyas Art Gallery or 
online at https://online.pahiyasart.com and choose the artwork you like.

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