Mission and Vision

Our Vision

Pahiyas Art Gallery envisions itself to be a leading proponent of the arts, culture and tourism of Lucban and the Philippines in general.

Our Mission

Pahiyas Art Gallery aims to provide effective means for greater awareness, appreciation and conservation of the rich cultural heritage of Lucban, support and nurture the artistic talents of the Lucbanins and promote the tourism potentials of the town.

Our Obectives

  • Discover and develop new talents in the field of visual and performing arts by establishing various programs and activities to hone their talents and skills and establish scholarship grants to deserving Lucbanin artists
  • Preserve the heritage of Lucban and the Pahiyas tradition and showcase works of art by establishing and maintaining the Pahiyas Museum and Art Gallery
  • Promote the Lucban San Isidro Pahiyas Festival through various marketing and advertising channels and participate in local, national and international tourism events
  • Provide financial assistance and other forms of support to deserving group or individual to accomplish their arts, cultural or tourism endeavors in and out of Lucban
  • Establish awards that will recognize deserving Lucbanin and other personalities for their valuable contribution to the community and in the field of arts, culture and tourism
  • Forge partnership with the academe, various government and non-government organizations for the promotion of tourism, arts and culture of Lucban and of the Philippines in general
  • Foster awareness, appreciation and better understanding of the arts, culture and tourism by providing lectures, trainings, workshops and similar activities
  • Create new opportunities where the center can utilize art in any form (performing and visual arts) to tackle development challenges while transforming fellow-citizens into more financially stable, socially conscious, tolerant, responsible, and creatively active groups of people
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