A Satellite Exhibition of the ManilArt 2022
October 16-31, 2022
Pahiyas Art Gallery
Lucban, Quezon

Exhibit Guidelines

1. Artist appoints Pahiyas Art Gallery as its exclusive agent for the exhibition and sales of artworks consigned and listed in the attached Artwork Consignment Inventory List (hereinafter referred to as “Artworks”).
2. Participating artist shall pay a participation fee of Php500 which is non-refundable. DEADLINE OF PAYMENT: Oct 10, 2022.
3. Exhibit Theme: Open but artwork must incorporate any recyclable materials, giving emphasis on environmental conservation and protection
4. Artwork Specification:
   a. Maximum Size: no limit
   b. Frame: with or without but framing is preferable
   c. Number of artworks: maximum of 3 artworks
5. Artist shall submit 3 days before the exhibit date the following: (Oct 13)
   a. details of the artwork/s (i.e. title, year, price, etc)
   b. digital photo/s in high resolution, JPG format, cropped and without background
6. Failure to submit the above details and photo in order and on time shall not be included in online and print promotions and postings
7. INGRESS: Artworks may be ingressed at the Pahiyas Art Gallery 3 days prior to the opening day of the exhibition. Artworks must be ready to hang. (Oct 13)
8. EGRESS: Artworks may be pulled out after 30 days from the last day of exhibition. (Nov 30)
9. Pahiyas Art Gallery shall be tasked for the following:
   a. Handle artworks with care and pay for damages in case it occurs
   b. Curate and install artworks
   c. Handle clients and communications on behalf of the artists
   d. Provide personnel to man the exhibit
   e. Handle communication, invitation, etc with guests and sponsors
   f. Prepare program, food, etc for the opening reception, if any
   g. Sale and delivery of artworks to the client

10. Pahiyas Art Gallery will deduct 20% commission for every artwork sold at the exhibit.
11. Pahiyas Art Gallery has exclusive selling rights over the artworks for 30 days, starting from the last day of the exhibition. Within the said period, Pahiyas Art Gallery has the right to collect the 20% sales commission regardless of how the transaction was made. (i.e. direct transaction with the client, etc.)
12. In case of pull out by the artist within the exhibit period, a 20% penalty based on the artwork’s published price will be collected by Pahiyas Art Gallery.
13. Payment for sold artworks shall be made to the artist after 15 days after the end of exhibit / 15 days from the date the artwork was sold during the 30-day period, and only upon confirmation that the artwork has been delivered and received by the client in good order and condition.
14. Artist must refrain from posting, promoting and marketing his artwork/s online and other social media platforms unless shared from the official FB page, Pahiyas Art FB page or website.
15. Appropriate courtesy and respectability by the artist must be accorded to the Gallery being his/her sales agent.
14. By paying the participation fee, the artist understood and agrees with the above terms and conditions.
15. Confirmation of participation shall become final only when participation fee has been paid in full.
16. Visit this page from time to time as revision to this guidelines may be added without prior consent.


Deadline of Payment of Fee – October 10
Ingress – Oct 13-16
Egress – Nov 30
Submission of Photo and Artwork Details – October 13
Payment of Arwork – 15 days after the end of exhibit (Nov 15 onwards)
Exhibit Opening – October 16
Exhibit End – October 31

Deadline: October 10, 2022

Revised:  09/27/2022

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