Exhibit Guidelines

BUYbayin Calligraphy Art

BUYbayin is a fund raising project for the benefit of Pahiyas Art Gallery – for its maintenance, upkeep and continued operation. This is a continuing project and has no specific end date. Artworks will be displayed at the gallery and/or online thru our Facebook page and website at https://online.pahiyasart.com.

Exhibition Theme:
Baybayin calligraphic art – a single letter of Baybayin alphabet or name of a person, place or thing or a Filipino word translated in Baybayin (i.e. name of flower, tree, etc)

Start Date of Submission: July 10, 2022

Exhibition Opening: August 7, 2022

Submission Guidelines
1.  Open to all artists, 18 years old and above
2.  You may submit as many artworks as you can, following these guidelines
   a. any art style and medium (EXCEPT digital arts and photographs)
   b. size and price must be as follows:
      – 8in x 8in – Php500
      – 12in x 12in – Php800
   c. material must be stretched canvas or canvas panel, framed or unframed

3.  Submit artworks thru any of the following:
   a. Actual artwork: Submit at the Pahiyas Art Gallery for diplay/exhibit
   b. Online: https://online.pahiyasart.com. Artist must create an account and be approved before submitting any artwork online.

4.  Include Artwork Details following the format below:
    – Name of Artist
    – Title of Artwork
    – Size in inches
    – Medium
    – Price

5.  Artist Profile – fill up the form online if you haven’t submitted a profile yet


1.  The artwork must be an original work, conceptualized and executed wholly by the artist.
2.  Pahiyas Art Gallery may accept commissioned artwork on behalf of the artists for the same prize and size.
3.  Pahiyas Art Gallery shall collect 20% commission for every artwork sold.
4.  Pahiyas Art Gallery has the exclusive selling rights over the artwork for 45 days.
5.  During the 45 day period, Pahiyas Art Gallery has the right to collect the 20% sales commission regardless of the manner by which the sale transaction was made or completed.
6.  In case of pull out by the artist within the 45-day period, a 20% penalty based on the artwork’s published price will be collected by Pahiyas Art Gallery.
7.  Payment for sold artworks shall be made to the artist once the artwork has been delivered and received by the client in good order and condition.
8.  Pahiyas Art Gallery shall do the packing and delivery to the client.
9.  Submissions that do not comply with the requirements will not be considered.
10.  The artist must refrain from posting the submitted artwork on social media unless withdrawn from the gallery or online.
11.  By submitting your artwork/s, you fully understand and accept Pahiyas Art Gallery’s submission guidelines and conditions, both online and offline.

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